Shipping & returns


We only accept returns on NEW unused merchandise within 30 days of purchase. Only if we have materially misrepresented the condition of the item, or when legally obligated by Nebraska State Statute to do so will a refund be issued. In such instances the refund will be issued either as a check or as chargeback to the bank card which the purchase was made. We may withold a portion of the total to cover certain costs such as but in no way limited to reissuing of title, and manufacturers delivery charges.

BUYER BEWARE! All used items are sold as-is and under no circumstances will a used item be accepted for return.


Free shipping on new items and all buildings is available within 50 miles of our location as determined by Microsoft's Bing Maps, or some other method of route calculation determined solely by Stuart Cromwell Trailer Sales. For deliveries in excess of 50 miles a fee of $5.00 per mile plus $129.00 for lodging and meals for each 500 mile segment may be assessed. All delivery charges must be paid prior to delivery. You or your duly authorized representative must be present to inspect and take possesion of the delivery. In the event that delivery is attempted and you are not able to accept the delivery in person the item will be returned to our location and you will lose your delivery fee. We can not make a second delivery attempt.

Additional Information

Trailers and buildings sales require signature at the time of purchase by the buyer or his duly authorized representative. These documents must be executed before any purchase is completed and you may not take possesion until such time as these documents are properly executed. These legal documents may be transmitted via courier service or electronically for execution for a fee of no less than $150.00 per attempt. Until such time as the properly executed documents are in our possesion at 4307 23rd Street, said documents shall not be considered in effect.